Earnings and payments

How much will I make renting out my furniture?

What you’ll earn as an owner depends on several factors. The age of the furniture and the condition of the furniture impacts how much you earn. See furniture listing requirements.

How do I get paid? 

Getting paid via Stripe

When you are listing your furniture, roomii will prompt you to verify your identity and set up your payout account through Stripe before you can list your furniture. All payouts will be made through Stripe. 

When will I get paid?

We typically initiate payment for your first completed lease 24 hours at the beginning of the first lease month. For all subsequent leases, we’ll initiate payment two business days after the lease month. Once we issue payment, your bank will take additional three-five business days to verify and process the payment as a direct deposit.

Setting up a Stripe account

It typically takes Stripe, less than a minute to verify a new account.  Stripe will notify you if it needs additional documentation or more time to review your account.

Stripe stores your payout account information securely; Roomii doesn’t have access to it. And it’s Stripe, not Roomii, that verifies and establishes your payout account. However, if you run into repeated difficulty getting your Stripe account verified, we can help. Contact us via email, and a customer support agent will reach out to Stripe on your behalf. If Stripe does need more time to verify your account, we’ll notify you via email and in-app when verification is complete.

Note: If you didn’t enter your bank routing information when you set up your  Stripe account, you must do so to receive payment for your leased furniture. See “When will I get paid?” below for instructions for setting up direct deposit. Hosts with Stripe accounts are paid in their native currency.

Where can I see my earnings?

To see your earnings, log onto roomii.co Navigate to the “My Account” tab located under the user profile icon. Click on “My Account” and on then click on “My Leases”.